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About The Falconry Girl

Hi! My name is Margaret Young, and I am the owner/operator at FalconryGirl LLC. I fell in love with birds of prey when I was only 10 years old; my mom took me to a raptor show, and I was hooked! Shortly thereafter, I read the book My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George, and was instantly enamored with the partnership between the protagonist, Sam, and his falcon “Frightful.” My dad and I got into falconry together, and I got my first bird (an American Kestrel named Millennium) when I was 14. I am now hunting with my 5-year-old female Red-Tailed Hawk, and a 4-year-old Peregrine Falcon. 

Since raptor education programs were such a huge part of my falling in love with falconry, I also enjoy sharing my love for raptors with others, especially the younger generation! As of 9/21, my Ambassador Team of raptors includes a Harris’s Hawk, Gyr/Saker Falcon, and a pair of geriatric Lanner Falcons. I have had my birds at all sorts of events in the past, including fairs, birthday parties, homeschool co-ops, school presentations, photography workshops, and book readings. If you would like the birds to make an appearance at your event, please contact me at the email at the bottom of the page, or on Facebook Messenger! 

I currently work my day-job at Meadowood Music in Blandon, PA, where I work as a stringed instrument repair tech and teach a variety of musical instruments and styles, including violin/fiddle, piano, bodhran, hardingfele, and bagpipe. My newest musical adventure is attempting to learn the Uilleann pipes, which are very different from highland pipes! When I have free time, I enjoy listening to and collecting records, working on my '63 Zenith console, and going swing dancing. 

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