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Our Programs

Our programs are specifically focused on educating the public on the natural history of raptors, the conservation of raptors, the sport of falconry and some other related topics. While many find our programs entertaining, our focus is not on entertainment or performance in any way. If you are interested in a "show" please contact us and we can definitely recommend some of the best professionals in this area. In this information age, it is easy to find information on almost any topic, including Falconry. Unfortunately, the information we find "online" is not always the most accurate or complete information available. We feel it is vital to the intangible cultural heritage of Falconry to provide interested individuals with an accurate of picture of what Falconry is, and maybe more importantly what it is not.
Planning a special event?

Contact us to ask about having an educational presentation about raptors and/or falconry at your next event.

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